Forbes Names Seattle the Most Miserable Sports City in the Country

Seattle is the most God-awful sports city in all the land, says Forbes.



Brian Bosworth
  • Brian Bosworth
Earlier this week, Forbes magazine told Northwesterners what most of us already know: Seattle is the most miserable sports city in the entire country.

For those of us that grew up in Seattle -- or those Oregonians who consider Seattle their home teams --  it's hard to argue with this declaration. Forbes cites not just the countless God-awful seasons provided by Seattle's teams, but also the many, many magnificent letdowns our teams have provided over the years.

The Sonics losing in the first round to the last-seeded Nuggets. The Mariners winning a 116 games and then blowing it against the Yankees and never reaching the World Series. The Seahawks Super Bowl failure, which almost erased all memory of Brian Bosworth (seen at right). And the list goes on...

As for the second-most miserable sports town? Cleveland...gotta be Cleveland right? Nope...turns out it's Phoenix.

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