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Moving On: Just Joe steps away from concert series

After 29 installments, the Joe Rohrbacher is stepping away from his Jazz at Joes series.



After staging 29 jazz concerts in his Jazz at Joe's series, first at his store south of town and for the past two years at the Cascade Theatrical Company, Joe Rohrbacher is stepping away. Away from what he calls, “the most rewarding project I have ever been involved in. The sense of community and good will has been nothing shy of touching.”

Rohrbacher never set out to be a full-time promoter.

“My aim was always for a self-sustaining cultural benefit to our community. I believe that together, we have properly set the stage and are realizing that goal,” he says.

It’s was a wonderful ride for local jazz fans and young music students who not only got a clinic from the performing musicians, but also free admission to the concerts.

And there were so many memorable performances from well-established international talents like singer Rebecca Kilgore and vibraphone master Chuck Redd to locals sitting in with top-of-the-line Northwest players.


In presenting music, Rohrbacher was a fanatic for details and fretted for weeks over ever concert.  But as time went along, he notes, “it has become increasingly clearer that it’s time for me to pass the baton. I simply need to pay closer attention to my store and time management. The past couple of years have also been an extreme challenge for many small businesses; Just Joe’s Music is no exception. I must re-dedicate myself to building a more solid future as a band and orchestral music store. Central Oregon and its students deserve nothing less.”

Even as Rohrbacher steps asides, the concert series will continue on under the same name but under the direction of Duncan McNeill.

McNeill, a former software specialist who has become deeply immersed in playing music, “shares our passion for the music, is a student of the music and has been with us from the first note. I’m confident that Duncan will carry on in the spirit in which we now enjoy. Jazz thanks you for extending Duncan your loyalty and well wishes.”

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