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Skyliners Road Public Meeting Tonight

Public meeting to discuss the options being considered in the rebuilding of Skyliners Rd.


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A public meeting is being held this evening (Tuesday, June 14 from 6p.m.-8p.m.) at which the County will outline the proposed Skyliners Road rebuild project.

If you use Skyliners Road for ANYTHING (bike ride, run, roller ski, drive to Tumalo Falls or any of the other attractive options up the road) consider making your voice heard tonight at the William Miller Elementary School (the new school on Skyliners Road).

As far as we can tell, allowing parking on the road, whether in the bike lane or shoulder or whatever designation the County decides on, would be a dangerous option. Cars parked in the shoulder/bike lane forces other users into the road.

Also to be discussed is how much forest-thinning the proposed project will require.

Nothing has been decided yet, so go to the meeting, get informed and voice you concerns.

Below is a message from Deschutes County Road Department engineer George Kolb:

We are looking at a 6 foot bike lane up until we hit the subdivision boundary and then going with a 5 foot bike lane though the subdivision. The reason for going with the 5 foot in the subdivision is the lower speed limit and right of way issues that would result from the wider road. The FHWA is looking at the design of the road to make sure we can do the 6 foot bike lanes and stay within the 60 foot right of way on the USFS property and private parcels prior to the subdivision. We are definitely considering striping the shoulders as bike lanes versus a shoulder bike way. There is going to be a public meeting on Tuesday, June 14thfrom 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the William Miller Elementary School on Skyliners Road for people to comment on the project.

You can reach Mr. Kolb at: or 541-322-7113.


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