Whisker Wars: The new reality show features plenty of Bend

A look at the new reality show Whisker Wars about competitive beard and moustache growing.



Remember last year when we devoted nearly an entire issue to beards, mustaches and the men who wear them? A year ago, Bend was hosting the Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships. And we definitely had beard fever.

Well, you can relive some of that hairy madness now, thanks to IFC's new reality show, Whisker Wars, which was filming during the Bend championships. The first episode aired last week and we've posted it below.

The producers and editors have -- it seems -- portray the world of competitive facial hair far more dramatic than it actually is, especially when it comes to champion beardo Jack Passion, who served as the MC for the 2010 national championships. Still though, it's pretty cool to see Bend on display in this pilot episode. Take a look:

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