People Love Free Stuff: Especially when it's your old furniture on the curb

They want your stuff, but they don't want your free sign.



Saturday, 9:05am

Saturday, 10:18am

Apparently I was better at focusing the camera at 10:18am.

A recent discussion here in the Source office revealed that several us had experienced the same phenomenon when it came to offering up free sundries on the curb. You know how it goes ... you have that old piece of furniture that you don't want to haul anywhere but also don't want to keep so you put it by the curb and offer it up for no cost and then congratulate yourself for being all altruistic.

Anyway, as the conversation went, we were all blown away by A) how fast the free item leaves its temporary street side home and B) how often the ungrateful new owner chucks your artful "free" sign in your bushes. Seriously man, if you can haul away my old cabinet, you can grab the damn cardboard free sign. 

My janky old cabinet went fast last weekend. And thankfully, duder took the free sign this time. Thanks man.


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