Another Pulitzer Prize Awarded to an Alt Weekly! The Stranger's Eli Sanders wins in 2012

Sanders' haunting story brings home the Pulitzer Prize. 2007 was the last time an alt-weekly writer won the prestigious award.



Eli Sanders Eli Sanders, associate editor at The Stranger, was recently awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his 2011 story The Bravest Woman in Seattle.

Sanders' gripping narrative recounts the horrifying experience of a Seattle woman who survived an attack that left her partner dead.

If you haven't yet read the story, do so. You will immediately become gripped. Trust us. But be prepared for a graphic and emotional story of justice and lost love.

The award marks the first Pulitzer awarded to an alt-weekly writer since Jonathan Gold, then a food critic for the L.A. Weekly, won one in 2007.

Congrats Eli!



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