Want to Look Good at Our Party? Here's How to Ride a Mechanical Bull

Come party with us Friday night. But first, watch this video.



By now you should know about our Source staff Urban Cowboy party at Maverick's this Friday. It's going to be radical. The forecast is calling for drunkeness. In fact, one staffer (who may have been inebriated at the time) claims there is "no one in this bike-happy town who can drink as much bourbon as me." Come on out and prove he/she wrong.

Anyway, if your curious how to excel at mechanical bull riding, here are some pointers from a professional. Seriously. Apparently there are professional mechanical bull riders. 

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HA! He wears a glove to prevent blisters...Wuss.

Also, don't think we're endorsing this D-bag. He says that "for some reason" women are better at bull riding. No shit? Women are good at something? Thanks, redneck.

And, for a laugh, check out this video of bull riding gone wrong. Fast forward to 1:50 into the video.

You need to use a flashplayer enabled browser in order to view this video

Anyway, maybe these videos will help you get your timing down for Friday night's showdown (8pm!). If you haven't registered for the bull riding comp, do so now! It's free at bendticket.com but we only have 20 spots open and they're filling fast.

Also! Music from Boxcar Stringband and Harley Bourbon at 10pm, drink specials and beers with us! This is a no brainer! We'll see y'all there.

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