New Music: Semi-local band, The Beautiful Train Wrecks, kicked ass on their sophomore album

New album drops on May 29, but you can catch the band at the Horned Hand on May 26. We'll see y'all there.


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The Beautiful Train WrecksNext weekend is packed with awesome shows. You've got The Shins on Friday, May 26, Tenacious D on Saturday, May 27 and Beck on Sunday, May 27.

But don't forget to make time to go see alt. country/Americana all-stars, The Beautiful Train Wrecks at the Horned Hand on Saturday, May 26 ($5). It's the Bend/Portland band's album release party. And if you need any help deciding whether or not to pick up the new record (which officially drops on May 29)—do it. It's really good, if you're into songs about guns, nostalgia, hard times, past lovers and perseverance, that is. Which we are.

If you want to know more about the Train Wrecks, check out our Sound feature in next week's paper. We sat down with front man Lucas Alberg (pictured at right) to talk about his band's new album, In the Midnight Blue, his running habit and why he left Portland for Bend.

In the mean time, listen to the song "Eliza," from their 2009 release, Rainy Day Parade. It's a kick ass track.



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