The Trilogy Ends: Manchester Orchestra front man finishes his solo opus.

Andy Hull completes his trilogy of albums recounting journal entries of a 17th century sailor.




Chances are you probably haven't been keeping track of Manchester Orchestra lead singer Andy Hull's solo project Right Away, Great Captain!. Even if you have, the span of five years between the release of the project's first album The Bitter End and the third and final record The Church Of The Good Thief, might have kept you from checking in on a regular basis. 

Well, let this be either your wake up call that you can now complete your collection or the kick-in-the butt you need to go buy all three finished albums. (The Eventually Home is the second offering in the trilogy)

The Right Away, Great Captain! trilogy contains haunting acoustic guitar and rich vocals but finds its true genius in that all three albums are a collection of stories from a fictitious 17th century sailor. You can read more about that at the project's Facebook page, but until then stream the final album below and check out a link to a fourth album that contains tracks that didn't make the collection as well as some early demos. 

The Lost Sea- unreleased tracks and demos

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