Google Maps Street View Cam Captures Source Staffer Stuffing his Face

Remember this winter when we tweeted that we saw the Google camera car roll by? Yeah, well we did. And here's what they got.



This is awesome. While eating my lunch this winter and desperately attempting to absorb a day's worth of vitamin D during a 15-minute food break, I spotted the Google street-view car as it rolled by the Source Weekly.

And it spotted me. I look like a middle-schooler. The only thing missing is my damn juice box.


Forever immortalized in Google's digital library...yes!

It's funny how we're all anti-Google for being Big Brother and scary and 1984-ish—until we need their services. Or they take a picture of us. Thanks Google! Sort of.

Here are some other unintended Google street view photos.

It's too bad they didn't come by this summer instead. The renovations to our historic building are almost finished and it looks darn good. Unlike the above version of our office building which looks like an abandoned warehouse.

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