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Let's get Political



After the last billion months of campaigning, bickering, and political drama, we're sure the last thing you want to hear about is MORE political BS.

But, here is some anyway.


The 2012 election showed that the majority of young voters, ages 18-29, supported President Barack Obama over his competitor. About 60% of this youth demographic voted for "The Food Stamp President" as opposed to a measly 36% who supported "Mit-the 1%-Romney".

A rather alarmist headline on the Huffington Post this morning read, "GOP in Danger of Loosing A Generation of Voters", and was accompanied by a detailed story about the recent shift toward a political landscape of liberalism.


The numbers don't lie. So for this week's Cold Call column, we asked people on the street what they thought the Republican Party could do to attract support from rowdy young hooligans in the future.

We got some decent responses, but we want more.

What do YOU think conservatives can do to regain the youth vote?

Comment with your response.


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