No Ruling at Today's Horned Hand Noise Ordinance Case

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The Horned Hand, and other music venues, will have to continue operating in the dark when it comes to abiding by city's noise ordinance.
Wesley Ladd, owner of The Horned Hand, was hoping for a ruling on the $500 noise violation citation that he received on Aug. 29, due in large part to the complaints of a single neighbor.
Instead, Judge Brian Hemphill said before he could make a decision on the case he'd need time to review his notes as well as the noise ordinance as it is currently worded. It could be two weeks before a decision is made, said Judge Hemphill, who's taking the case "under advisement."

Wesley Ladd, owner of the Horned Hand, is hoping for favorable ruling.
  • Wesley Ladd, owner of the Horned Hand, is hoping for favorable ruling.

The Bend City Council has avoided making any revisions to the noise ordinance, despite the fact that they've hosted multiple discussions on the issue over the past few months. The new plan, according to council, is to revisit the issue at the first of the year.
The most recent noise ordinance, a collaborative effort between the city and venue owners, was passed in May but enforcement has been spotty. The new ordinance clearly states exact decibel levels, but no decibel meter was used in the case of Ladd's citation.
According to at least one Bend policewoman, officers are expected to have and use decibel meters when responding to noise complaint situations.


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