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Thirsty? We are! Check Out Cocktail Compass!



Trying to figure out where the best food and drink deals are RIGHT NOW?

The Source's new Cocktail Compass has you covered.


Following in the footsteps of Seattle and Portland, Bend now has it's very own version of this amazing app. We had no idea that there are 50 bars and restaurants between 0.01 and 16 miles of our office that are offering drink and food specials RIGHT NOW.


The editorial staff is officially really hungry and REALLY thirsty.

Cocktail Compass also has a count down to the end of each happy hour so you never miss a deal, and offers great descriptions on exactly what specials are going on so that you will know what you're getting into before you arrive.


To sum up, if you want to be cooler than all your friends you should download this app. In fact, tell all your friends to download it too and then you can all be cool together. We LOVE this app.

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