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BREAKING! The Day the Music Died (In Bend)


Now that my sensationalist headline has your attention...
We've just received word from Dave Hill, owner of the Century Center, that as of January the Century Center will no longer act as a concert or event venue. Instead, the cavernous building will be converted to a for-lease retail space.

Hill has long faced opposition from his residential neighbors, as well as commercial neighbor, Nosler. Both take issue the noise and traffic generated by concerts at the Century Center.

This sad new comes on the heels of The Horned Hand's recent legal battles concerning a $500 noise ordinance violation which owner Wesley Ladd received this summer. Ladd continues to catch hell and was visited by the police again last Friday after the same disgruntled neighbor lodged ANOTHER call of complaint.

And, if you'll remember, Bend Roots Revival, a weekend-long music festival, was canceled this fall after the Century Center's issues with its residential and commercial neighbors proved too much for Hill to bear.

In 2011, Bend Roots attracted a big crowd.
  • In 2011, Bend Roots attracted a big crowd.

Also troubling—we've also noticed a marked decrease in the number of shows at Player's, a westside Bend bar and music venue that borders a residential zone.

The good news here is
A) The Horned Hand will continue booking shows

B) The December concerts already booked at the Century Center WILL GO ON. That means the Larry and His Flask New Year's Eve show WILL STILL HAPPEN.

C) A new-and-improved City Council will give the current noise ordinance ANOTHER look at the beginning of the year.

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