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Joe Biden + Eight Gallons of Ketchup



Earlier this afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden was excessively photographed during a shopping spree at the grand opening of Washington DC's first Costco. Co-founder of the discount chain, James D. Sinegal, is a major Obama contributor so I imagine that has something to do with Biden’s media heavy appearance.

Biden_at_costco.jpgI'll take all of these dog beds. Photo by Doug Mills/The New York Times

The New York Times practically live tweeted his entire visit, updating their story with a list of items the VP loaded into his over-sized cart, including “a dozen children’s books, a big apple pie,[which makes sense as there are no normal sized apple pies at Costco] fire logs and a 32-inch Panasonic TV”. They also posted the above photo above of the Bulldog munching on a free sample as he shopped.

I honestly thought this was a joke, another Onion headline, something like, “Joe Biden Loves Microwave-Warmed Vienna Sausage Almost as much as his Trans-Am.” How wrong I was. The article even went into the political significance of the outing saying,

“Mr. Biden’s colleagues in the White House have expressed concern that the automatic tax increases set to take effect at the end of the year would depress consumer demand by as much as $200 billion next year. Evidently, Mr. Biden was trying to single-handedly prevent a ‘fiscal cliff’ for the nation’s retailers.”

So why is this news? Because AMERICA that’s why!

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