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New Three Creeks Brewing Anniversary Beer



Three Creeks Brewing recently released a special brew called the Hodag Cascadian Dark Ale, celebrating Hoodoo Ski Area’s 75th anniversary.
Hodag, which is the one of the chair lifts, is one of many things the resort should be proud of because their community impact has been tremendous over the past century.

Now, let’s see what this beer is all about.
This Cascadian dark ale had great potential but it needed a sudden kick in order to make the taste buds scream for more.
When the beer was first poured from the 22-ounce bottle, it flowed out with a dark brownish-black tone and formed a creamy mocha colored head in the glass.

The ABV is 6.4%, which made it decently strong and similar to the likes of Deschutes’ Hop in the Dark.
The combination of malts created a roasted pine taste with a hint of citrus, which provided a good balance but left us with more questions than answers.
After the recipe’s core notes had drifted down our gullets, a dry finish lingered on our palate along with a hint of spiciness.
This short spicy sensation didn’t add to their fusion of hops and malts. Specifically, the Carafa malts they used in their recipe were great for the color but it definitely took away from the overall bitterness.
If they tweak the recipe a bit, it could be right there competing with the other Cascadian dark ales in town.
It is available at their brewery, at local stores and will be up at Hoodoo when they open.
Get a bottle and try out this anniversary ale for yourself. Cheers!

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