2013 Grammy Nominations Are Out



Fun. at Sasquatch
  • Fun. at Sasquatch

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I'm not a fan of the Grammy Awards. Year after year the bands I love get snubbed. Even the very few bands I listen to that do get nominated don't really have a chance of winning. Though I have to admit, even I see that the status quo might be changing.

Last year, Bon Iver won the Grammy for best new artist— despite the fact that it was for his second album, as well as best alternative album. And the year before that Arcade Fire stunned everyone by winning album of the year, sending every snot-nosed teen in America into a rage of profanity on Twitter.

This year, it appears the Academy might be keeping that track record alive by at least acknowledging— with nominations, some very good bands.

Denver's The Lumineers are nominated for best new artist along with Alabama Shakes and Fun.. The Black Keys are nominated for record and album of the year and M83 is nominated for best alternative music album. There are several other decent nominations and depending on who performs this year— I may even watch. You can check out the full list of nominees here as well as brush up on the trivia of past winners here.

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