Governor Kitzhaber to Approve Tsunami Debris Plan Tomorrow



Remember the tsunami which rocked Japan in 2011? The 9.0 earthquake, which created the devastating tsunami that claimed thousands of lives and destroyed countless buildings, was one of the most significant events of 2011.

It also had ramifications for the Pacific Northwest. Debris from the catastrophe has made its way across thousands of miles of ocean and has landed on the Oregon coast. According to an Oregon Emergency Management press release, a 188-ton dock washed ashore on Newport's Agate Beach in June. Oregon officials expect marine debris created by the tsunami to continue for the next several years.

To deal with the situation, Governor Kitzhaber has created a "Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris" task force. The multi-agency group, chaired by Brig. Gen. Mike Caldwell, Deputy Director, Oregon Military Department, is charged with handling the debris. Governor Kitzhaber is scheduled to sign off on the state's plan tomorrow at 1pm.

No word yet on exactly how the debris will be handled or if any of it is expected to be radioactive.

Governor Kitzhaber takes on tsunami debris.
  • Governor Kitzhaber takes on tsunami debris.

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