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Monks Are Asking Top Dollar for World's Best Beer



Want the best beer in the world? Six bottles will cost you $84.99.

Last week OPB reported that, needing money for renovations to their abbey, REAL LIFE Belgian Monks (monks who still live in the Belgian countryside like it's 1542) are offering their Trappist treasures to the public.

The beer, Westvleteren XII, is considered by beer nerds to be THE BEST BEER IN THE WORLD. This report is in obvious conflict with Tuesday's blog about Red Chair, a beer that was voted The World's Best at the 2012 World Beer Awards.

Its damn good. But itll cost you.
  • It's damn good. But it'll cost you.

I'm not sure what to tell you, having never had the oft coveted Westvleteren XII, but I'm guessing, and this is no knock on Deschutes, that the Monk's sauce would probably rank right up there with our NWPA. MAYBEEE, it's even better. Anyway, if you come across the Trappist brew, write to me at and I'll happily join you for a taste-off.

And we hope the Monks sell enough beer to make the necessary improvements on their abbey. Winter is coming.

According to this website, here's where you can find the Monk's brew in Oregon:

Corvallis Beer Supply, Corvallis
Market of Choice, Corvallis
Bier Stein, Eugene
Market of Choice, Eugene
16 Tons Beer & Wine, Eugene
Belmont Station, Portland
Beer Monger, Portland
Saraveza, Portland
Hop & Vine, Portland
John’s Market, Portland
Market of Choice, Portland
Market of Choice, West Linn

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