The Story Behind This Week's Extra Awesome Cover Art



Bozeman, Mont. resident Jarrod Eastman is the artist behind this week's super-awesome Source cover. We met him at an art show in Bend this summer and fell in love with his paintings. You can find his work at To see the latest from JRod, check his active blog site. It seems he's not just painting anymore.

He wrote this about a recent rhinoceros-on-wheels sculpture:
"Three Dimensional seems to be the newest direction. I am already trying to conceive of a way to bring this 7-inch sculpture into an 8-foot-high art piece that you could climb on and ride. Exploring concrete as a material."

Here are two of my JRod favorites:

Down the Block acrylic on board
  • JRod Art
  • "Down the Block" acrylic on board

She Pulls Me Close acrylic on board
  • JRod Art
  • "She Pulls Me Close" acrylic on board

And here's our cover this week—the walrus is tremendous.


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