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A Story of Burly Bike Commutes



How long is your daily bike commute? Is it like that of New York resident Christian Edstrom?

From a New York Times story published Jan. 25:

Fastening his helmet, Mr. Edstrom stepped outside and into early-morning indigo. In a minute he was rolling down the driveway of his snow-covered Cape-style house, his headlights aglow, on a 40-mile journey to his workplace, JPMorgan, at One Chase Manhattan Plaza, a trip he would make entirely on a Zanconato cyclocross bicycle.

Mr. Edstrom, who works in JPMorgan’s operations division, bicycles round trip to work at least twice a week, logging approximately 600 miles a month. He averages 17 miles an hour and arrives at work by about 7 a.m. “The traffic in Lower Manhattan kills my time,” he said. When he doesn’t ride, he passes for an ordinary commuter, and takes Metro-North into Grand Central Terminal.

And commuters aren't braving the cold and dark alone. Increasingly, the morning bikers are banding together and turning their commute into a group ride, of sorts.

Another in the story posted the following on a message board:

“Anyone interested in a commute ride to the city? I leave from the Tarrytown area between 5 and 5:30 a.m. Recently, I have been doing the ride 2-3 days weekly.”

Any Bend cyclists doing anything similar?

Commuting in Bend is awfully pleasant.
  • Commuting in Bend is awfully pleasant.

Read the full NYT story here.

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