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Kitzhaber Will Sit With First Lady at State of the Union



Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber
  • Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber
When Barack Obama gives the State of the Union address tonight, be sure to check out the First Lady's private viewing box.

Look closely and you'll see our very own governor right up in there. Others in the box will include the CEO of Apple, Mars Rover flight director, and others in America working on initiatives supported by the First Lady.

Here's what the White House had to say about John:

Governor John Kitzhaber has built on his experience as a former emergency room doctor to transform health care delivery in Oregon. Now in his third term, Governor Kitzhaber is working with the Obama administration to scale up innovative models that show how government can do more with less. These performance partnerships, which emphasize federal flexibility and local accountability, are key to achieving improved health care outcomes and efficiencies, better results for our students and building the infrastructure we'll need to unleash the 21st century economy.

Glad to see he's got the ear of some powerful people. This is good news for Oregon.

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