BREAKING: Chamber Says It Will Hire A Third Party to Evaluate SWIP


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At tonight's city council meeting Executive Director of the Bend Chamber of Commerce Tim Casey told the council the chamber would be hiring a neutral third party to evaluate the city's water project.

The chamber would then decide whether it supported the city's project or not, Casey told the council. The chamber's decision was made just today, he said. The decision was submitted to the city in a letter (shown below).

City staff and council members appeared to be taken aback by the announcement.

City Councilor Mark Capell told Casey it's doesn't make sense to "make the effort" to take in other information because the city needs to proceed immediately with the project. The city is attempting to time the laying of a new pipe with an update of Skyliner's Road by the county.

Casey responded that the council could do what it chose given the chamber's new direction. That was it's choice.

Apologies for the poor quality but here is a photo of the letter submitted by the chamber to the city.



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