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Council Again Votes to Proceed With Water Project



In a 4-to-3 vote, the Bend City Council decided again Wednesday night to proceed with its surface water improvement project, including the installation of a 30-inch pipe.

Mark Capell, Scott Ramsay, Jodie Barram and Victor Chudowsky vote in favor of moving forward. Sally Russell, Doug Knight and Jim Clinton voted to halt the project in favor of a broad public input process.

The council heard more than 2.5 hours of testimony on the pipe and SWIP. The majority of those delivering public testimony were opposed to the plan in its current form.

However, several people with experience with water systems did testify in favor of the city's plan.

The most interesting event of the evening was the Bend Chamber of Commerce's announcement that it will hire a third-party to evaluate the SWIP. The chamber will then take a stance on the project after hearing the results of that third-party study.

Learn more about that from our earlier blog on the topic.

The council may yet again reconsider whether it should move forward with the plan as construction on the pipe is not likely for the next few months at least.

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