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Friday Office Party!



This weeks's Friday Office Party is a lot more like a mixtape. Fitting since next week, that's exactly what it will be re-branded as. Oh, there will still be plenty of tunes to get you going on a Friday, but sometimes it will focus more on a combination of the best music out there today and some hits from the past that helped make it all happen. Maybe even some songs from years ago you might not have ever heard.

So instead of always trying to be a dance-tastic list of songs, we're going to be branching out a bit.

This week though, you should expect to hear some awesome upbeat indie rock. There are brand spankin' new tracks from popular bands Phoenix and Fitz & The Tantrums as well as a couple from less known bands like San Cisco and Two Hours Traffic.

Trust me, it's just the kind of thing you want to hear on an overcast day.

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