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Memorial Service for Virginia Reddick Tomorrow



For the past twelve years, the United Senior Citizens of Bend were led by a tough-as-nails gal named Virginia Reddick. In a major blow to the group and a deep loss to the community, Reddick passed away on Valentine's Day last week of a major stroke, according to family members.

A memorial service will be held for her at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, February 22, at Bend's Community Center, 1036 NE 5th St., Bend. All are invited to attend.
Reddick had worked in the corporate world for decades, paving the way for women to follow in her footsteps.

In recent years, she shepherded USCB through the toughest years of the organization. The group has been at odds with Bend Parks and Recreation District for a decade over issues at the Bend Senior Center, which is owned by BPRD but was built with fundraising dollars from USCB. Many of the issues have revolved around district staff's treatment of members of USCB and the organization's role at the Bend Senior Center, according to members of USCB.

It's unclear what influence Reddick's death will have on the group's recent efforts to reach a financial settlement with BPRD, but members of the organization said she is irreplaceable.
We should all be so lucky.
RIP Virginia.

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