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Cascadian Meetup Wednesday



If you're interested in having a hand in creating a modern-day Ecotopia, you can start by meeting with fellow bioregionalists at the Tin Pan Theatre on Wednesday nights.

The Timbers Army loves the Doug.
  • The Timbers Army loves the Doug.

From 8 p.m.-10p.m. Tin Pan will host Cascadia Pub Night. This means disucssion of bioregional ideals over cheap Olympia Tall Boys and other Cascadian themed activities.

The makers of Occupied Cascadia will be in attendance. Check out the movie online for some great information on the Cascadian movement and ideals.

If you've got time for a road trip, Cascadia Branch, a bioregional-awareness community and student group from Portland State University, is extending an invitation to another Cascadian meet up. They plan to get together every other Wednesday, forever, in order to keep an open and informed network of Cascadian's throughout our state.
The crew will be meeting March 6th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm in the Green Space (how appropriate), the Basement of the Portland State University's Smith Memorial Student Union.
1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR - basement, room beside Food For Thought Cafe.
RSVP here. or email

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