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New Cafe Also Does Pour-Over Coffee


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Palate, A Coffee Bar is at 643 NW Colorado Ave.
  • Palate, A Coffee Bar is at 643 NW Colorado Ave.

Pour-over coffee, and other manual brew methods, are the new French press. Coffee nerds like it because it's pure, controllable and sorta easy to replicate—even at home. You can read more about it in this week's Culture section. There are a number of places in town that offer pour-over: Lone Pine, Thump, Crow's Feet Commons and even (forgive me) Starbucks.
Add Palate, A Coffee Bar to that list.
Palate is a lovely timber-and-corrugated-steel cafe that's moved into the old Maragas Winery building on the corner of Colorado Ave. and Bond St.

Co-owners Jodi Groteboer and Jason Rhodes, who both worked at Portland’s storied Albina Press, opened in early March. Their new shop, which uses Stumptown beans and sells local tea and pastries, should soon have beer and wine available as well as soups.
When I was there Groteboer made me a manual-brew cup using an inverted Aeropress. It was great.





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