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All the Other Amazing Skate Photos



Tyler Orton, the man behind this week's feature photography, has taken some top-notch images of Central Oregon's skate scene. Sadly, we had room for only two in our print issue. Here are the rest.

  • Tyler Orton

  • Tyler Orton

  • Tyler Orton

  • Tyler Orton

  • Tyler Orton

  • Tyler Orton

"Skate photography was something I did just every once in awhile. I began taking more skate photos when I was an intern at Windells Camp last summer near Sandy. It's an avenue I never pursued before because I'm more focused on snowboarding photography. But when the opportunity came up to be around skateboarding consistently, I was hyped. The elements that you get to put into a skate photograph like textures, lines and shapes seemed fun to me. Every trick is different and unique and every skateboarder has their style—it's 100 percent raw and organic. I never feel like I'm shooting the same thing. Looking forward to it again this summer, but winter isn't over yet." -Tyler Orton, Bend

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