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NCAA Championship Game TONIGHT



The Louisville Cardinals face the Michigan Wolverines, tonight, at 6:30 p.m.

Wait a minute, that guy doesnt look like a Wolverine.
  • Wait a minute, that guy doesn't look like a Wolverine.

Here are the Source's suggestions for where to watch all the action, eat some game-day snacks and have a few brews if you don't want to stream the game at home.

Cascade West, 4 SW Century Dr.
Oversized TVs, underpriced beer and chicken fried to just the right crispness.

Brother Jon's, Downtown: 51 NW Bond St. Westside: 1227 NW Galveston Ave.
Both downtown and westside locations will be bustling with sports fans, burgers and beers.

The D&D, 927 NW Bond St.
Stiff drinks will help to ease your pain if your team is down, or encourage rowdy cheering if they're winning.

Summit Saloon, 125 NW Oregon Ave.
Enjoy the game upstairs or downstairs on one of a bunch of TVs.

Reed Pub, 1141 SE Railroad St.
Great beer selection, free peanuts and delicious chicken wings, sounds like a good combo for a game night to me.

The Hideaway, 939 SE 2nd St.
This hidden gem has massive TV's and an unconventional sports bar menu for the athletics-loving gourmet.

Kelly D's, 1012 SE Cleveland Ave.
Eat a giant corned beef sandwich (our favorite in town) and enjoy Monday night drink specials.

Rivals, 2650 NE Division St.
15 big screen TVs. Nuf' said.

Sidelines, 1020 NW Wall St.
Join other die-hard sports fans for fried food and a drink, or two, or five.

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