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Former Bend Resident Rapped with Ghostface Last Night



Ghostface Killah lit up Portland's Mississippi Studios Wednesday. But the highlight of the show was Jason Chung, former Bend resident and one-time Mountain Supply manager, rapping with Ghostface, on stage.

He KILLED IT. Wait for the 53-second mark.
Jaeho raps ODB's verse on stage w/Ghostface Killah & Killa Priest @ Missisippi Studios from Paul Yih on Vimeo.

Ghostface, who's touring in support of his new album Twelve Reasons to Die (out April 16), asked for an audience member to rap ODB's verse in "Protect Ya Neck." After a drunk kid came on stage only to balk and get boo-ed off, Chung stepped up. It was the greatest moment of his life.

After murdering the verse he got roaring applause and cheers, hugs from Ghostface, as well as Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest, and high-fives and free drinks from damn near everybody at the show.

Listen to Twelve Reasons to Die on NPR: First Listen.



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