Friday Mixtape!




It's a Memorial Day weekend double dose of backyard BBQ music on this edition of the Friday Mixtape.

That's right— two playlists.

The first is for the O.G. in you. If you're a hip hop minded griller, your hot dogs and burgers might benefit from the extra oomph you'll add to your meat while listening to these flashback rap tracks. DJ Quik? Yeah, it's got him. Naughty By Nature? Yep. It's got them too. Also included are Rappin' 4-Tay, TQ and Da Brat. Just make sure the kids aren't around for this one.

Of course, rap isn't for everyone.

So next up to bat is our guitar friendly playlist.

It's full of breakout hits from bands that turned that success into careers as well as bands we never heard from again.

If you were born in the late 70s, relive your college days with songs from The Black Crowes, New Radicals, EMF, Bloodhound Gang, Fun Lovin' Criminals and 12 others sure to instigate a backyard sing-a-long.

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