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Next Week: Rodeo Issue! And a Bit About Horses...



In Sisters, next weekend.
  • In Sisters, next weekend.

While everyone in Central Oregon frantically digs for their forgotten cowboy boots and favorite pearl-snap shirts in anticipation of the 73rd annual Sisters Rodeo (Friday June 7-Sunday June 9, with a special kickoff Wednesday June 5), we've been dutifully working on next week's Rodeo Issue. (NOTE: Stay tuned to our Facebook page for ticket giveaways).
Expect food guides, event translations and inside looks, as well as other awesome rodeo-related content that'll be ridin' 'round in the rest of issue (like the world's best horse movies! in Screen and top riding destinations in Outside).

BUT! In the mean time...

THIS WEEK AND WEEKEND horse fans and cowboys/girls can immerse themselves in equine culture in Redmond at the Mustangs to the Rescue fundraiser. The area nonprofit takes in abandoned horses, often incorrectly labeled as "wild," cares for them and grooms them for permanent adoption. But, such care requires time and money. Hence the fundraiser! Throughout this week and into the weekend, Mustangs to the Rescue volunteers are offering clinics, demonstrations, barbeques and more to showcase the beautiful horses while (hopefully) raising money to support the group's efforts. See a full list of events on their Facebook page. If interested, please RSVP by Friday: 541-350-0799.

All events are at Sky Hawk Ranch in Redmond, south of Smith Park State Park.

To learn more about the region's abandoned horse issue, see the Oregonion article "Starving Wild Horses in Wheeler County Causing Trouble."

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