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Views from Day 2: Leaheys trip from Longview, Wash. to Troutdale, Ore.
  • Views from Day 2: Leahey's trip from Longview, Wash. to Troutdale, Ore.

Jonathan Leahey, of Southwest Bend, appears to be on day 3 of his trek from the Pacific to Atlantic Ocean. We wish we could claim that Leahey's adventure was inspired by our recent Bike Issue, but it seems he had the cycling trip planned before our paper hit the stands. Still, we're sure he was inspired.

Leahey is keeping a humorous blog, complete with photos and daily roadkill and hillbilly insult tallies. Read it at And wish him luck—I think I read a paragraph on his blog that said his fully loaded steel rig weighed a crushing 70 pounds.

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