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Cold Brew Coffee: My New Favorite Thing About Summer



Had a delicious cold brew coffee this morning from Palate (643 NW Colorado Ave.)

Not being a huge coffee connoisseur, the barista explained to me that cold brew isn't just an iced coffee. It's a specialty brewing method using cold water to reduce acidity and harsh flavors that permeate when ice is added to coffee brewed with hot water. It's delicious and smooth and gaining in popularity in Bend.

Icy cold!
  • Icy cold!

Hipster's paradise coffee house Backporch has announced they will carry cold brew coffee at both locations (Newport Ave. and Century Dr.) on tap for the summer.

Something’s brewing at Backporch Coffee Roasters: cold brew coffee. Unlike traditional coffee, which is brewed fairly quickly using hot water, cold brew coffee is brewed completely with cold water. At Backporch, they brew their batches for 18 hours, then keg them and put them on tap to serve. The longer time frame means “the sweeter, big body notes are extracted and accentuated and the acidity is virtually nullified, resulting in a very dessert-like cup,” says owner and lead roaster, Dave Beach.

Woo hoo! Cold brews all around!

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