Party at the NSA


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The eye is watching you.
  • The eye is watching you.
In a bonus to this week's Friday Mixtape, we're bringing you the absolutely fresh new track from electro-pop outfit Yacht. But this isn't just any ol' new release.

It seems Yacht is just as pissed off as are millions of Americans about the revelations regarding NSA spying into the communications of everyday citizens. So much so they've recorded a song mocking the institution and voicing their concerns. On top of that, the track is available for download by making a donation. All money received will be given to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that fights for privacy.

Yacht has more information listed online as well as the future offering of a limited edition "Party at the NSA" t-shirt.

Stream the track below and see what you think. Don't close the browser when it's over though; the stream of other Yacht songs will continue and there's some good stuff in there.


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