Mirror Pond Meeting Time Listed Incorrectly on Parks Website


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Incredible. Just weeks after the newly formed Mirror Pond ad hoc committee was blasted for meeting in private, today's meeting time was incorrectly posted on the Parks' website! Unbelievable, right? The meeting time was listed as starting at 5pm. In fact, it started at 3pm.

We all make mistakes. Heck, we here at the Source make them all the time. But after a public entity has admitted to breaking the law—the ad hoc committee, according to Bend City Attorney Mary Winters, is a governing body and thus must meet in public—you'd think they'd make DAMN SURE to get the date and time right for their next meeting. Nope.

Again, we're sure it was an honest mistake. The meeting time WAS listed correctly on the city's website (thankfully). But lets all try a little harder, eh?


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