Go to Deschutes County Republicans Raffle, Win AR-15 Assault Rifle



Looking for something to do Sunday? Need a new big-ass gun? Want to meet our freedom-loving Rep. Jason Conger (R)?

Then go to the "2nd Amendment Freedom Raffle" at Pappy's Pizzeria Sunday, Sept. 1 for your chance to win a DPMS AR-15 rifle! It's a fundraiser for the Deschutes County Republicans and Rep. Conger is drawing the winning ticket. Seriously.

One ticket is only $10—a good deal considering the rifle is valued at nearly $800 and only 500 tickets will be sold. It sounds like a nice damn gun, too. According to the flyer, the "collapsible stock is perfect for male or female shooters." And lest you think this raffle isn't exactly on the up and up, the flyer notes that "winners are responsible for $10 background check."

This sounds like an amazing event.

The event flyer.
  • The event flyer.

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