John Candy and John Hughes . . . Sitting in A Tree



Plane, Trains and Automobiles was the beginning to a beautiful relationship between director John Hughes and comedian John Candy. At this point - in 1987 - Hughes had already completed what is arguably the most important canon of teenage movies in cinematic history. Starting with the coming-of-age fantasy 16 Candles in 1984, Hughes wrote and directed six silly, but profoundly impactful films in just three years—including championing misfits in Breakfast Club and gleefully encouraging anti-authority in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off—and Hughes had been working with fresh-face teenage talents like Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall.
But, with Plane, Trains and Automobiles, Hughes took a step into the adult world - albeit, the silly adult world of John Candy.
It was a genius pairing: The both love slapstick and borderline offensive, but at the core each displays a remarkably kind and loving instincts. Ultimately, all of Hughes films championed the underdog or the under appreciated. And, ultimately, John Candy was embodied - all 300 pounds of him - this character.

Hughes and Candy produced another two films together - and were reportedly BFF.
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