2013 Music: The Big List



We put out a lot of top-music lists this year and they didn't come out together; some were online and some in print. So in order to help Bend music lover's take a comprehensive look at it all, or perhaps even see it for the first time, here are all of the posts in one place.

Additionally, as we did last year, there are some links below to check out how some of our closest music-friends decided to rank last year. Afterall, there are as many ways to rate 2013's output as there are music writers in the world. These just happen to be a couple of our favorites.

the Source's music coverage:

50 Best Songs of 2013

5 Best Albums of 2013
Best Albums of 2013: 6-25
Best Albums of 2013: 26-50
Best Albums of 2013: 51-75
Best Albums of 2013: 76-100
Best Albums of 2013: 101-125
Best Albums of 2013: 126-150

Top 10 EPs of 2013

5 Honorable Mention Albums from 2013

Posts from our friends:

Let Your Ears Decide- (writer Emily Poncetta)
- What Albums Got Me Through 2013
- LYED Favorite Treats of 2013: The EPs
- LYED Favorite Treats of 2013: Songs

New Music Michael- (writer Michael Senchuk)
- NMM Top Twenty Albums Of 2013 — #11 — #20
- NMM Top Twenty Albums Of 2013 — #10 — #1
- NMM Top Ten EPs Of 2013
- NMM’s Top Twenty Songs of 2013: 11-20
- NMM Top Twenty Songs Of 2013 — 1-10
- The 2013 NMM Errata Awards Gala

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