Friday Mixtape!




Get Fresh!

As fresh as produce in a CSA basket, the tunes in this week’s Friday Mixtape are ready to be picked; but not for the most obvious reason.

These songs aren’t necessarily new releases.

Instead, tracks from synth rockers Tiny Victories and Lindberg Palace along with sophisticated new wave R&B songs by Royal Canoe and Sombear are fresh because, well, hardly anyone has heard them. Not a rotten apple in the bunch, there’s isn't a reason why these artists have flown under radar other than there’s just a ton of music out there.

While Spotify isn't the only source for music listening across the globe, their play count for each track is still a good indicator of just how many people are actually in the know about a particular artist. For the purposes of this list, no song has been listened to more than 100,000 times. In fact, as of publishing time, Royal Canoe’s “Button Fumbla” has less than 10,000 listens and fewer than 4,000 times has someone laid ears on Andrew Ashong’s slippery auto-tuned track “Love the Way.”

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