Trailer: Mistaken for Strangers




Next week, the rocumentary Mistaken for Strangers will be released and the Source will have some thoughts.

In the meantime, check out this trailer for the movie.

Made by Tom Berninger, younger brother to The National's lead singer Matt, Mistaken for Strangers is not what one would expect from a rock documentary. In fact, that term should be considered pretty loosely when applied to this film.

Though set against the backdrop of The National's 2010 European/U.S. tour, there is a lot more to the film than just rock and roll and concerts. Much more. As a result, Michael Moore is calling Mistaken for Strangers one of the best rock doumentary he's ever seen.

The trailer does a good job of showing what all the fuss is about ahead of its March 28 release date.

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