State of Wonder, OPB's greatest radio show! And, what, free tickets for a show in Bend?



State of Wonder is a gem of a NPR show. Produced by OPB, and hosted by April Baer—an indefatigably curious journalist—the show digs into the personalities of those making the arts in Oregon. (Arts in a wide definition, and encompassing interesting, engaging and relevant peeps, not the hoity toity types).

Why am I telling you this? Because you have a chance to watch - not just listen - to a show. This Wednesday, here in Bend, with an interview, among others with local poet Emily Carr  an already accomplished and published poet (and head of OSU's Low-Residency MFA program  and probably the state's next poet laureate. Truly, this should be cerebral fireworks.

What's that? Oh, and tickets are free if you sign up, like, NOW!!

Where? The Armature Studio, located in the Old Ironworks, 50 Scott St SE.

Sign up now, now, now.

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