What in the World: Flowers in Beards, Journos in Detention, and Fires in Central Oregon



It's been said that beards have reached their peak and are on their way out of style, but can fusing facial hair with flower chains postpone their demise? You be the judge. Also, please send us photos of your Bend floral beard crowns. (Mic)

IMMIGRATION: Activist and journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who came out three years ago about his status as an undocumented immigrant, has been detained at the McAllen, Texas International Airport. He was en route from the border town where he was documenting the plight of refugees. Since opening up about his status, Vargas has travelled to 4e0 states using only his Filino passport as identification. (CNN)

FIRE: Sparked by recent lightning storms, fires are breaking out across the state  including the Buzzard Complex Fire, 45 miles northwest of Burns, which has torn through more than 10,000 acres, including parts of the Warm Springs Reservation. (Oregon Live)

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