What in the World: Malaysian Flight MH17, California Drought Hypocrisy, and Nelson Mandela Day


photo credit: Lawrence OP via photopin cc

The Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 reportedly shot down near the border of Russia and the Ukraine is believed to have been carrying as many as 108 AIDS activists and researchers en route to the 20th International AIDS Conference in Australia.  While many are hopeful that the number is much lower than that, a number of deaths have been confirmed. (Buzzfeed)

DROUGHT: California recently approved mandatory outdoor watering restrictions in the face of serious drought conditions. But some cities seem to have missed the memo and are still issuing brown lawn warnings to residents whose yard have lost their luster following conservation efforts. (Sacramento Bee)

MADIBA: On a happier note, South Africans are celebrating the first Nelson Mandela Day since the pivotal former president's death by performing charitable acts Today would have been Mandela's 96th birthday. In honor of his remarkable 67 years of public service, South Africans were encouraged to spend 67 minutes helping others. (Voice of America)

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