What in the World: Jonah's Tomb Destroyed, Creepy Dolls a Kind Gesture, and Not-So-Rapid Transit


photo credit: Dire Penguin via photopin cc

Multiple news agencies are reporting that the militant group ISIS has bombed a site in Iraq believed to be the tomb of Jonah, who Abrahamic religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.) teach survived inside of a whale. ISIS is a puritanical sect of Islam that believes all religious shrines are idolatrous, and has destroyed other religious sites revered by other Muslim groups. (CNN)

CREEPY DOLLS: Members of a California community started to get creeped out after porcelain dolls resembling their daughters showed up on their doorsteps. A police investigation revealed that they were simply friendly gestures by a church lady. (USA Today) 

TRANSIT: While its not uncommon to hear Bendites complain about the (lack of) speed of our transit system, it's worth knowing we aren't alone. A runner in Boston just proved that they can get around a little bit faster than a trolley on the nation's oldest and busiest rail system. (Runner's World)

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