What in the World: Ebola, Gaza and Debt


  • Centers for Disease Control

At least 456 people in Africa have died in what is being called the "deadliest Ebola outbreak in history." Americans are paying attention now that a U.S. citizen, Patrick Sawyer, has died from the contagious disease following a trip to Liberia. Sawyer, who died in Nigeria, was the first documented case outside of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Two other Americans, aid workers in Liberia, have been infected. (CNN)

GAZA: The Israeli military attacked Gaza's only power plant today, dashing hopes of a cease fire and leaving the majority of Gaza's population in the dark. According to a statement from the Council for Arab-British Understand, the attack could qualify as a war crime, since “it is illegal under customary international law to target civilian infrastructure." (US News & World Report)

DEBT: More than one third of Americans are on a debt collectors list, according to a new report. Aside from being a reflection on the economy and spending habits, the figure represents the 1 in 3 people who may have trouble getting a job or finding an apartment due to their credit. In some cities, mostly in the west and south, more than half of residents have debt in collections. (Oregon Live)

(In other words, 35 percent of us have a really good reason to screen our phone calls.)

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