Got big feelings about the Bend UGB? Share them with this handy dandy survey!



The City of Bend is in the process of revising its Urban Growth Boundary plan and wants feedback from the community. If you can't make it to public meetings to share your view, there's a handy online survey just waiting for your big feelings. (Or small feelings—the city says you can spend two minute to two hours on the survey, depending on how much you have to say and the time you have to say it.)

If you aren't familiar with the UGB, the city describes it thusly:

The Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is a line on the City’s map that identifies Bend’s urban land. This boundary represents an estimated 20-year supply of land for employment, housing, and other urban uses. As the city continues to grow, we have an opportunity to develop a plan for future growth that reflects the community’s goals and meets state planning requirements. 

Check out the survey here, and feel free to comment on this post with your thoughts.

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