What in the World: Police Shooting, Robin Williams and Iraq



In today's news you probably already know, but will want to continue reading about...

POLICE SHOOTING: Police in Ferguson, Mo., are refusing to release the name of the officer under investigation in the fatally shooting of an unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, on Saturday, citing concerns for his safety. Tensions are high in the town near St. Louis, with protests and riots being met with tear gas and rubber and bean bag bullets. Brown's family and community leaders are calling for calm. The shooting is the most recent in a spate of high profile killings and assaults by police of African Americans. (ABC / LA Times / Ebony)

ROBIN WILLIAMS: Beloved actor Robin Williams' death by suicide yesterday has sparked a broad discussion of the stigma and struggle of mental illness. The versatile performer suffered from bipolar disorder and addiction. As the nation mourns, celebrations of his life abound. (The Guardian / E Online!)

IRAQ: Thousands of Yazidis (a small religious minority in Iraq), are still trapped on a mountain after fleeing from ISIS. (BBC)

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