What in the World: Oregon's Honest Politicians, White People's Friends, and a Mideast Ceasefire


  • Slate
CORRUPTION: According to a report by the Washington Post, Oregon is the least politically corrupt state in the union. The author went so far as to call Oregon "home of the most honest government workers in the country." Do you agree? (Washington Post)

RACE: The average white person in America has a friend network that is just 1 percent African-American (and 91 percent white), according to a PRRI's 2013 American Values Survey. Slate says this may explain why many white folks struggle to understand what's happening in Ferguson. (Slate)

GAZA: A ceasefire agreement has reportedly been reached between Israel and Hamas, brokered by Egypt. It's scheduled to begin sometime tonight (Egypt says 5 pm local time, Hamas says 7 pm). (CNN)

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